Connected Automotive Discovery

Personalized news, recalls, local shops, events and a marketplace suited for your vehicle and geographical location. For free, no plug-in required. Simply sign-up and tell us what you drive. 



All new.

You already paid enough for your car, it's time to enjoy it. We redesigned from the ground up for Apple iOS introducing shop discovery & marketplace. 


Discover repair, body, performance, tuners, retail and everything in between based on their location, reviews or specialty. Shop owners can add their business and be discovered Motorvate for free. We handle the rest


Personalized news, sales, potential recalls, and everything in your community. Simply tell us what you drive, no vin or plug-in required. 


A hassle-free marketplace that is tailored to your actual vehicle. Selling an item ? Simply tell us the vehilce make and model and we will notify everyone that matches the description.  


From local automotive meets, industry trade shows, promoter events, fundraisers to the biggest races. Find them based on distance or popularity. No need to miss the next big thing because you're not "following" (insert eye roll here) 


"Motorvate, the automotive world´s hottest app!"

Third World Society


"Motorvate brings the automotive culture that much closer"


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We cater to everyone from the automotive consumer, local business to the enthusiast. If you have feedback or suggestions, need assistance or simply want to get in in touch. Feel free to contact us at anytime!

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